Monday, February 13, 2012

Grayson :: Child with Spina Bifida

Grayson is 18 months old and has the brightest blue eyes ever! He was blessed to get his daddy's beautiful blue eyes.

Grayson was born with Spina Bifida at L5-S1, but that has never stopped him! He came out fiesty! Before I was even able to get to the NICU to see him, he was already showing the world his fighting personality. He kept trying to roll off his stomach and the nurses said he almost kicked himself over twice! He was so strong, able to lift his head and toss it from side to side. I remember being absolutely amazed when I got to spend a few minutes with him before being wheeled to my room to recover. After surgery they actually had to sedate him more because he kept pulling his iv's out and trying to roll off his stomach again. And he hasn't slowed down since!

To date Grayson hasn't missed a single milestone! Take that Spina Bifida! He rolled at 3 months, sat on his own at 6 months, began 4 point crawling at 9 months, pulling to stand at 10 months, cruising at 11 months, and began taking his first steps with a walker at 12 months. Then at 16 months he took his first independent step and at 17 months he could walk 5-10 feet independently. Now he's 18 months and can walk 10 feet smoothly and even return to standing on his own when he falls. Grayson wears afos because he has very little movement or muscles below the knees. Spina Bifida may be a part of him, but it most definitely does not define him!

Grayson is the most sweet-natured boy I've ever met. He loves giving hugs and kisses, even is a great snuggle bug when he's trying to get out of doing something (usually pt or bedtime). Grayson loves trucks, dinosaurs, and any kind of animal. He loves making animal sounds and can tell you what just about every farm animal says. A truck can't drive by us without him signing the sign for car and saying VROOM! Bath time is his favorite time of day. Just opening the bathroom door gets him all excited and he quickly goes to the bathroom squealing with joy. He loves reading books and climbing anything and everything. Grayson loves going to the park, the slide and the swings are his favorite. He's bit of a dare devil because he loves the big slides that make him go really fast or the curved ones. On the swings he loves being pushed really high, makes me a little nervous but he LOVES it. Grayson's favorite word right now is uh-oh. He says it all the time. He purposely throws things down just so he can say, "Uh-oh"! It's super cute! Grayson has the greatest belly laugh ever. I get so tickled when he finds something super funny. This week it was an Elmo beanie baby that kept falling over every time I sat him up. He got so tickled at this and it was absolutely adorable! I honestly can't believe how lucky we are to have been blessed with him!

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  1. Such a handsome little boy and beautiful story! It just goes to show you never know how much potential these babies have until you give them a chance to prove it. Thank you for sharing!