Saturday, February 18, 2012

Emm :: Adult with Spina Bifida

I was born in 1934 and was not expected to live for about two weeks. I was always a sickly child but was able to do all the ordinary physical things being SB. For many a year my mother would show my back scar to people until I was about 11yrs old when I then started to object to having my pants pulled down and shown off to all and sundrie.

I never knew the what it was that had occured to me as a baby until I was in my 50s even though I repeatedly asked various doctors but they would not say. Then, after I had done quite a bit of research myself I came across an article on SB and realized that it was what I had.

As far as being able to take part in any sports etc. I was very much limited as I would soon get very bad back pain but on the whole my physical abilities were quite good. I have enjoyed an active life playing badminton, swimming and always enjoyed ballroom dancing too. It is only now in my later years that I have become disabled due to my spinal weakness mainly brought on by old age wear and tear.

Emm is a Mother of 3/gran of 7/ grtg ran of 4, and lives in Norfolk, England.

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