Saturday, February 11, 2012

Ian :: Child with Spina Bifida

Ian was diagnosed with spina bifida when I was 17 weeks pregnant with him. He was born via c-section on his due date: 6/11/08. He had his sacral-level lesion closed the day after he was born, and a VP shunt placed at 7 days old. He left the NICU and went home at 10 days old. Neuro checks of his shunt showed that only one half of his brain was draining fluid, while the other half was retaining, so at 3 month he had a shunt revision to get the other side to drain as well. He has had no shunt problems or revisions since. Over the past two years, he's developed rather severe scoliosis, for which he wears a hard, plastic body brace until he can have surgery to correct it when he is older. Last August he got his first custom wheelchair and his first real taste of freedom; he loved it! This past September, Ian started Early Childhood four mornings a week through our school district, and also does PT, OT, and Speech therapy privately. At three and a half years old Ian only has a couple of words, but he knows many signs which he uses to communicate. He's a happy, smart, funny little boy who loves playing, technology, his cat, Baxter, his fish, Fred, and his baby sister, Lydia.

I write a blog about his adventure in his wheelchair, along with his life with spina bifida in general.

Thank you for sharing Ian's story Nicole! If you or your child has Spina Bifida, and you would like to share your story, please email me at contact (at)!

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