Monday, March 5, 2012

Chase :: Child with Spina Bifida

We were told at 22 weeks, after a level 2 ultrasound and an MRI, that our son had Cerebellar Hypoplasia. We were devastated since we were told that having this was rare and that we wouldn’t know the outcome until after he was born.
On October 17th, my OB decided that due to low growth they would prefer to induce and on October 19, 2011 my son Chase was born. My son was born with a Myelomeningocele which explained the hypoplasia. The Myelomeningocele was causing a Chairi II malformation.

Chase had his defect closed on October 20th. He then had an EVD drain placed on October 25th. On November 1st he had his programmable vp shunt placed. He was in and out of the hospital after that for wound issues and shunt issues. He had his first shunt revision January 4th of this year.

He has been doing well so far. His neurosurgeon has turned the pressure down in his shunt from .5 to 1.0 to 1.5 just yesterday. His neurosurgeon is also pleased with the movement of his toes feet and legs; he is pretty ticklish! He has also been hitting his milestones so far. We may be naive, but we think he will show Spina Bifida who’s boss!

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